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Plumbing Upgrade Phase II Wilkes-Barre VAMC

NEI and its team of subcontractors provided Project Management, MEP Engineering, Architecture and Structural Engineering services to coordinate plumbing systems throughout the entire Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center. This included all necessary piping on 13 floors through existing ceiling space and architectural chases. In addition, this project included coordination with 15 other projects occurring simultaneously on the medical campus.

Fire Protection Piping & Loop Wilkes-Barre VAMC

This $3 million project consisted of upgrading the exterior water piping and sanitary sewer systems at the Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center. NEI and its team of subcontractors provided Contract Management, Project Management, Site and Civil Engineering, and MEP, and QA/QC services. Continuous supply of domestic water to the medical center was taken into consideration. NEI coordinated with five other designers and construction projects simultaneously.

Correct Electrical Deficiencies Wilkes-Barre VAMC

The project included the design of electrical systems to eliminate or correct electrical deficiencies throughout the 500,000 SF facility. Replacement of the primary 12.47KV double ended switchgear and four 15KV underground feeders, design of a campus-wide lighting system, consolidation of over 25 panelboards, replacement of various disconnect switches with high rated AIC equipment were all part of the project. All construction plans and specifications were completed for bidding within a 90 day time frame.

Modernize WWTP Lyons VAMC

Northeast Infrastructure provided all AE design, technical specifications, as-built documentation and cost estimates for the modernization of the wastewater treatment plant at the VA Lyons Campus, VA NJ Healthcare System. The project specifically required design of a copper removal system for the WWTP with an average daily flow of 0.4 MGD to meet New Jersey permit discharge requirements; replacement of pumps, controllers, bridge motors, gear boxes, controls and all electrical connections for sand filters backwash system; and also required a new comminutor, including electrical and controls, replacement of exterior UV disinfection system, replacement of 8” and 10” BFP systems, new exterior 10’ high fencing, stairs, landing and walkway grating. Design included requirement to replace airline from aerators to blowers and replacement of drop leg valves and air intake manifolds. This project also included demolition of a 400,000 gallon welded steel tank. NEI was required to provide laboratory tests of soils around tanks for lead.

Condenser Water Piping Replacement Brooklyn VAMC

Northeast Infrastructure provided all services to remove and dispose of the existing condenser piping from the main chiller plant to the condenser water pumps to the main chiller plant cooling tower and install new condenser water piping from the three existing chillers in the main chiller plant to the condenser water pumps and to the main chiller plant cooling tower. NEI completed a thorough study of the existing chiller plant piping and operations to determine the appropriate type and size of piping to be used to replace the condenser water piping. The project required replacement of the existing condenser water piping, piping supports, control valves, shut off valves, strainers, check valves, chemical feed piping and pipe insulation as well as the existing main cooling tower water make up lines and the honeycomb eliminator on the main chiller plant cooling tower.